S3 Bentley Silver Cloud

The S3 Silver Cloud is the third and final of the Cloud Series of which there were only 1,286 produced between 1962-1965. She has 6.25 litre V8 engine and weighs 2.2 tonnes. Her top speed is 120 mph and she accelerate from 0 to 60 in 10.8 seconds.

The S3 Silver Cloud was built for long distance cruising and could sit all day at 100 mph, then deliver the occupants relaxed, uncreased and without ringing ears. We are sure the only ringing you will hear will be the church bells! 

In its heyday this regal inter-continental luxury cruiser carried the rich and powerful, royalty, politicians, industrialists or film stars.

Her livery is Shell over Tudor Grey, with a red leather interior with matching red Wilton carpets. There are side vanity mirrors in the quarters and walnut picnic tables in the front and rear.